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Weaver Naks Pak Popcorn
Higer Yield
With Weaver Gold, the biggest popping popcorn you can buy, you'll get a minimum of $43.00 additional revenue dollars per case over competitive brands.
More Convenient
You're just one step away. No bulk bags or messy oil to order.
More Consistent
Weaver's Naks Paks gives you big, fluffy, delicious kernels time after time, with no measuring. No guesswork. Saves time, increases profit.
Gourmet Taste
Superior kernels, extra fine butter seasoned salt, and seasoned buttery flavored oil assure great taste, great smell...and repeat sales.

Magic Mushroom Popcorn
B.K. Heuermann's EXCLUSIVE POPPING CORN is a product resulting from nearly 10 years of intensive popcorn breeding and selections of tens-of-thousands of different popcorn genetic variations. This product was developed by, and is a proprietary product of B.K. Heuermann.

Glaze Pops
#2521 Cherry Pink
#2523 Chocolate
#2522 Grape
#2524 Blue Raspberry
#2525 Caramel
#2526 Red Cinnamon
#2538 Pop 'N Glaze

12, 28 oz cartons per cs.
Shipping weight 24 lbs.
#2094 Concentrated Caramel Corn Treat Mix
This concentrated Caramel Corn Mix is being used worldwide-works great in Corn treat machines. 12, 22 oz foil pouches per cs.
Concentrated Caramel Glaze
#2533 Caramel Glaze Pop
# 2537 Chocolate Glaze Pop
#2539 Blue Raspberry Glaze Pop
#2544 Honey Glaze Pop
#2572 Pop-n-Glaze Pop
#2573 Milk Chocolate Glaze Pop
2574 Red Strawberry Glaze Pop
Comes in 50 lbs Bulkinabox
Popcorn Cups & Tubs
#2132PC 24 oz (1000 per cs)
#1196PC 32 oz (500 per cs)
#2133PC 46 oz (500 per cs)
#2134PC 85 oz (150 per cs)
#2230PC 130 oz (150 per cs)
#2170PC 170 oz (100 per cs)
#6050 U-Tote-It Popcorn
U-Tote-It carriers are a two wheel truck "transport-safe" heavy duty molded carrier and it converts to a stand on which you operate your popcorn popper or cotton candy machine.

Popper sold separately.